LVD OTS 6200 X 25 (used)


Location: Belgium

Machine state: used

Product Description

Year:Unknown Condition:Used Located inBelgium Ref #:76379 Product Deion Cuttinglength 6200 mm Max sheetthickness st 45 25 mm Max sheetthickness inox 20 mm Passage between uprights 6400 mm Depht of throat 300 mm Strokes/min 3-14/min Adjustable cutting device 0,5 - 2,5 mm Adjustable cuttingedge (from-- to --) 0,5 - 3° Electric motor (power) 60 kW Courant needed 380-400V Weight 60 ton Extra info This shear has been fitted with an anti-torsion system which makes it ideal for cutting small strips! Stacking Trolley system included (power 11kW) - Electrically adjustable backgauge with ballscrews (one axis, one position command control Elgo085) - Finger protection - Cutting line illumination - Currently equipped for 500V, with 400V transfo PRICE: 185 000 euro