LVD MVN 25/4 (used)


Updated: 03.05.2016 03:19:48

Year: 1980

Location: Belgium

Machine state: used

Product Description

Year:1980 Condition:Used Located inBelgium Ref #:105857 Product Deion TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Max. sheet thickness in St45                           4 mm Cutting length                                              2500 mm Range back gauge                                      750 mm Gap                                                   100 mm Min. cutting angle                                    0.5 ° Max. cutting angle                                    1.5° number of strokes/min                                        24 - 70 Min. blade clearance                                  0.05 mm Max. blade clearance                                  0.4 mm Motor power                                           5.5 kW Approach weight                                       3.800 Kg           OPTIONS included;   front supportof 1500mm Square angled front support 1000mm Motorised back gauge with range of 750mm