LVD (used)

Press brakes

Updated: 19.05.2016 21:26:54

Year: 1993

Location: Warren, MI

Machine state: used

Product Description

LocationWarren, MI
PriceContact Seller
ManufacturerLVD presses
Capacity148 ton x 10'
Stock Number9214
Weight16,900 lbs.
Tonnage148 Tons
DivisionMetal Fabrication
Bed height35”
Dimensions130” x 86” x 102”
Main motor18 HP
Return speed249 IPM
Throat depth9.8”
Advance speed236 IPM
Bed cap width7”
R axis travel6”
Stroke length7.8”
Pressing speed26 IPM
Backgauge range24”
Backgauge speed12 IPM
Currently wired440 volt
Oil tank capacity47 gallons
Ram feedback typeScale
Number of cylinders2
Ram tilt adjustmentThrough control
Ram depth stop styleCNC
Number of gauging axis3
Upacting or downactingDownacting
Manual or powered z axisManual
Distance between housings100"
Overall length of bed/ram10'
Number of backgauge fingers4
Hydraulic or manual clampingManual
Clamp style (american or european)American
Ram clamps (sectionalized or solid bar)Sectionalized
CategoryPresses in United States
SubcategoryHydraulic press brakes
Subcategory 2Press brakes and folders

Tonnage: 148 Tons
Overall length of bed/ram: 10'
Distance between housings: 100"
Ram feedback type: Scale
Ram depth stop style: CNC
Upacting or downacting: Downacting
Ram tilt adjustment: Through control
Backgauge range: 24”
Number of gauging axis: 3
Backgauge speed: 12 IPM
R axis travel: 6”
Manual or powered Z axis: Manual
Number of backgauge fingers: 4
Stroke length: 7.8”
Throat depth: 9.8”
Clamp style (American or European): American
Ram clamps (sectionalized or solid bar): Sectionalized
Hydraulic or manual clamping: Manual
Number of cylinders: 2
Advance speed: 236 IPM
Pressing speed: 26 IPM
Return speed: 249 IPM
Bed height: 35”
Bed cap width: 7”
Main motor: 18 HP
Voltage: 220/440
Currently wired: 440 volt
Oil tank capacity: 47 gallons
Dimensions: 130” x 86” x 102”
Weight: 16,900 lbs.
NEW ESA S525 4 Axis CNC Control (Y1, Y2, X, R)
2D tooling graphics for easy tool programming
7” LCD screen
Ethernet port for network connection
RS232 port
(2) USB ports
Inch/mm conversion
Pedestal with foot pedal and palm buttons
Full length t-slots in front and back of bolster
Tonnage control