LVD PPEB 90/08 (used)

Press brakes

Updated: 26.10.2016 21:41:02

Year: 2001

Location: IllinoisUnited States

Machine state: used

Product Description

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Model: PPEB 90/08

Type: Press Brakes

Condition: Excellent

Year: 2001

Control: CNC (CADMAN 4-Axis Control)

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Location: Illinois United States

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Control: CNC (CADMAN 4-Axis Control)

Capacity: 90 Tons
Overall Length of Die Surface: 96″
Maximum Bending Length: 96″
Distance Between Housings: 80″
Throat Depth: 15.7″
Length of Stroke, Adjustable: 7.9″
Open Height: 15.7″
Pressing Speed (Approach): 307 IPM
Pressing Speed (Return): 320 IPM
Machine Dimensions: 130″ x 72″ x 106″ H
Machine Weight: 14,000 lbs.

Equipped with:
LVD CADMAN 4-Axis Control, LVD 4-Axis Backgauge, Sick V4000 Press Brake Sensor System, RS-232 Port, Ethernet, Floppy Disc Drive, CD Drive, Adjustable Stroke, Infinite Pressure Adjustment, Programmable Crowning, Programmable Tonnage, High Speed Servo Hydraulic System, Pedestal Palm Station, Electric Foot Switch