LVD PPCB 100/3100 (used)

Press brakes

Updated: 19.07.2016 21:34:46

Location: Poland

Machine state: used

Product Description

maximum pressure of 100 Ton
max cutting length: 3100mm
CNC 6 axis - Y 1-X-V-R1-R2-Z.
Control MNC 85000
The machine comes with a user manual and a full electrical and hydraulic schematics.

The machine is very well maintained, visible in the pictures set of tools for the price. Krawędziarka a compensation table and an electric rear bumper with 2 motorized fingers-R1-R2, and the axis Z.

Ability to check folding at work.

Year built: 1986
2004 a comprehensive review of
emphasis 1000kN
bending length 3100mm
clearance between the sides
control in six axes MNC8500-Y1-X-V-R1-R2-Z
compensation table YES - axis V
el. bumper YES - X axis, also in the Z axis
the number of fingers on the bumper 2 x electric - R1 - R2
1150mm bumper coverage
fastening tools

Hydraulic top + bottom
tools included in the price

front support
mobile with height adjustment
table width 300mm
weight 7200kg
8kW motor

wiring diagram + hydraulic