LVD 120/10 (used)

Press brakes

Updated: 13.10.2016 21:27:38

Year: 2001

Location: OhioUnited States

Machine state: used

Product Description

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Model: 120/10

Type: Press Brakes

Condition: Excellent

Year: 2001

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Location: Ohio United States

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Tonnage: 130 T

Hyd/Mech: HYD

OA Length: 10 '

BH: 102 "

Strippit LVD 120/10W/ PPEB -8 135/3050 Cadman CNC Control Hydraulic Press Brake
Year: 2001
PPEB -8 135/3050 Cadman CNC Control
130 Tons 120 Metric Tons
Cadman CNC Control equipped with keyboard
10” length
102” Between Housing
Five Axis Hydraulic Press Brake
X1 X2, Y1,Y2, R
Two Back gauge fingers with horn extension 3’9” wide
Remote console with softkeys for remote operation pedestal
Table with center slot, manual die clamping